Another prove that “We, the People” are wrong

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dinsdag 6 januari 2009

In this text i will try to show in a(nother) way, that that we are all taught to believe things that just may not be true. Urging everyone & other to keep (re)searching and find the truth and not just accept what we are told by others and/or the 'leading' people.

When reading psychological and/or sociological litarature, you will find a lot of test by which can be shown that humanity has worked, works will work according to some 'rules'. Meaning to say that there are some standard ways which are followed or used (by humans and animals) -without having to know about those standard ways- to reach the (self)set goals in life.

For example Pavlov proved by testing dogs, that if you punish them often and/or severely enough after they did something special they will stop to do the same thing again. He also proved that by petting the dogs when they did something special, the dogs showed to be encouraged to repeat the same behaviour when placed in a situation where an equal action has to take place.
These results have thereafter been tested on humans, with acknowledgement ... meaning:
1. tests are performed on unwilling subjects
2. punsih people and they will stop,
3. reward people and they will repeat.

One of the test shows that when you put a certain (big) amount of people in a group and have them say a or b, the other (smaller) group is bound to say the same (if it is either the truth or not).
For example put 3 sticks of different length on a table:
a. 50 centimeter,
b. 80 centimeter,
c. 100 centimeter.

Now you ask 100 different people from the street to participate in a test later on the day. 99 of them you offer €10,-/$10,- and tell them that they will receive 1 (non-personal) question to which they must give answer 'b'. 1 person you ask to answer only 1 (non-personal) question.
Later that day you welcome all your testpersons to the testfacility and explain them that in the next room 3 sticks of different sizes are put on a table in the next room. They will be led into the room all together where they are not to speak and when asked if 'a' is the shortest to then raise their hands, if 'b' is the shortest to then raise their hands and if 'c' is the shortest to then raise their hands.

Obviously the answer to the question which is the tallest stick, the answer is stick 'c'.

However when asked if those who believe 'b' is the right answer 100 hands will be raised.
The tests have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that when the big majority of the group (in this case 99 people) answer wrong ('b'), the rest (in this case 1 person) will follow ... even when it is obviously a wrong answer. After the test when asked why they answered this, they will give the obvious answer ... because the rest said so, so my thought was probably wrong and theirs was good.

Which means:
1. tests are often simple,
2. tests are often performed in simple environments,
3. tests are performed for any reason,
4. tests are performed on willing subjects,
5. people let themselves be tested by unknown people,
6. people lie for money,
7. people follow the majority/group,
8. people speak against the truth even when it is obvious to be the truth.

Other tests have shown that when someone has a certain believesystem and that system is told to be questioned, that person will laugh it off as rediculous, when the bringer of the news persists the other person will become angry at what he is hearing ... and as a final step either the (bringer of the) news will be killed or the other person will start to think for itself to find out what is the truth (to him/her).

These three tests and their conclusions and a description of the current world we live in, lead to a simplified (but ever so correct) view on humanity as it is.

We live in a world of countries which are (dominantly democratic) leaded by 'elected' people. They make the rules, have their rules controlled by a police-force and a justice-force to enact it on which the police-force can punish when not obided. Outside this is an army which exists to defend these rules against outside opressors.

Let's try to put this in the picture of a staged test ...
(europian oriented but works as well for the american version)

We ask a group of people (100) to paricipate in a test (they get payed every month a specified minimum). The test first consists of some small specific tests, for which have to be learned some standard rules (read: schools). Out of these small tests becomes clear to us who can be persuaded to do things (for of money, by conviction or groupmentality) and those who cannot easily be persuaded.
After these first tests, we give 6 of the people of the first group extra money/benefits and ask them to follow this test as they see fit but sometimes to do as they are told to do. With the first thing for them to do, is to make clear they want to be elected in case of democratic elections.
Now everyone is told there will be democratic elections and everyone is free to put themselves in the position of becoming elected. Let's say a total of 3 people feel the urge to do this, which leads to a total of 9 people who are up for election.
After this everyone is told there will be elections for a government of 5 people and everyone can point out 1 person out of the 9 to become elected, but not to tell anyone about it (because this is private/privacy). For the good of the test we (the testers) will put 4 people (who had gotten extra payment) on the chosen list and one of the others with the most points on the chosen list.

The newly chosen government is asked to make a legislation of which the (rest of the) people feel they are honest and strict. Only sometimes will we make our 4 strawmen make up legislation that we like, which the 5th 'chosen' will follow due to democratic reasons. The rest of the people will think (like all the other legislation) that it was made with good intent and therefore follow these rules.
But as the first tests inside this test had already shown, some people are not 'playing this game' and cannot easily be persuaded to follow the rules ... either by money, conviction or groupmentality)
For this reason the newly chosen government (by our instrucion) had already created a police-force (people who had shown in their tests to be strict when it comes to given rules) to gather up these people and put them to trail and to be judged by the justice-force (people who had shown their respective capabilities in their tests) also already created (by our instruction) by the government.

Because tests give the best results when there is no outside interference, we let the 'government' arrange an army to protect (the rules and outcome of) this test. Of course this can also be used to not let people break out of this test, so we can learn even more from these 'outcasts'.
And to have the outcomes of this test be conclusive we let the test proceed several cycles ('evolution'). In other words, we let the people have children and them have children ... etc.

In the end the people in the whole society (inside this test) are not aware anymore that they are in a test, the rules are just the rules and the whole has become the live. Everybody plays his/her respective part inside this test/game and looks to others to see if they are doing good or wrong.
Moreover people who are not following the rules will be corrected by those that do follow the rules, either by making them look rediculous with laughter or becoming angry at this person or the 'new' beliefs.

We can end the test now ... but maybe there is so much more to be (l)earned, we let the test continue until we see fit to end it.

And if now i would tell you that this is truly the society that we live in, you still would not believe it. You would laugh because it is a rediculous thought ... inside the box of the way that you have learned to think at school and in your society.
Now you will become angry because now you cannot think anymore that this is funny, since your very 'own' beliefsystem is being attacked and you are told that your live (and the ones of you -test-companions) has been one big lie.

To the question why people would do this to us ... Because it simple, because they can, because it gives them the feeling of power AND because they can sit on their lazy asses and watch the televisionshow (that we are performing for them) since we do allmost all the work for them (being the dumb sheep we are).

Now you have 2 options:

Ignore or kill this 'news' (or me)
since we allegedly are created in a certain mirrorimage they excpect us to sit on our lazy asses and watch the shows on our televisions ie. ignore or kill this news


Find the truth for yourself
do what you are not supposed or expected to do and move your but and brain into gear and learn what we can or should be (doing) ie. find the truth for yourself

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